Inside The Enigma

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If you're not a Stone owner, or you haven't yet registered, here's what you're missing out on.

Your Stone is carved with symbols unique to you (and one Other), and is your personal key to an ancient mystery called the Enigma, the mystery of Time itself. Unlocking the Enigma won't be easy: it may take months, or even years. You'll have all the clues you need (and more), though, and there are thousands of other Stone owners already working on it, so if you're patient and clever, you may just uncover the secret of the Stone.

The Immediate is where everything begins. The Immediate is a four-dimensional space-time map of the Enigma itself. Choose your own path, work at your own pace, and find your way to the truth. Only by finding your own way through the Immediate will you find your way to the secret of the Stone.

Jump from the Immediate into hundreds of fiendishly unique puzzles, from twisted jigsaws that change before your eyes to cryptic riddles made up of sound and video. You'll need plenty of wits, a flexible mouse finger, and the courage to take your mind where it's never been before.

With puzzles built using the latest Internet technology, this is the experience the Web has been waiting for.

Solve a puzzle and you'll gain clues that will help you solve others. Some special puzzles may even bring you valuable prizes, if you're among the first to solve them. There are thousands of paths through the Enigma, with other roads to explore if ever you find your way blocked. No two players will have exactly the same experiences in their own personal Enigmas.

Delve deeper into the Enigma and the puzzles get trickier. You may need the help of your Stonemate or other Owners to move ahead. Find your Stonemate, or others in your kram, using the online Find Your Other. Or visit the Commons to exchange tips and strategies with other Owners from all over the world. But remember: everyone else is racing to crack the Enigma before you and your Stonemate, so be careful how much you give away.

If you have a Stone, get started by registering below. If you're looking for a Stone in a store near you, check out our Where to Buy page. Or if you have questions, use our convenient online form.

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